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Únete a Alicia Sancho y Marta Sanz para conocer nuestro edificio y la historia de Edimburgo en este periodo.

En este primer episodio Alicia y Marta hablan de la National Trust for Scotland pero también nos acercan a la historia de Gladstone's Land, adentrándonos en el Edimburgo del siglo XVII y contándonos curiosidades sobre la época y algunas de las personas que habitaron el edificio.

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In the so-called "Glorious" Revolution of 1688, King James VII (and II) was removed from the throne and forced into exile because he was a Roman Catholic.  From that point, until the death of his grandson Bonnie Prince Charlie about a century later, the Jacobites (supporters of James/"Jacobus") existed abroad as a shadowy government in exile, always plotting and, in 1745, almost succeeding to reclaim their birthright on the British thrones.  In this exciting episode, Kate and Thomas are joined by Rory Hardie to discuss the romance and uprisings of the Jacobites, the biggest "what-if" in early modern British history.

If you enjoyed our last episode, "Costume and Dress in Early Modern Edinburgh", and would like to hear more, then do listen to this unabridged cut of our discussion with Holly, in which she tells us more about what Scotswomen and Scotsmen were wearing in the 17th Century.  Kilts, cassocks and collars (and much more...)  Enjoy!

Clothes are important...they determine much of how people live and interact with others, and tell you a lot about a person's wealth, aspirations and identity.  In this exciting episode we look into the world of early modern Scottish costume with regular contributor Holly Black, and also speak to co-host Kate about her upcoming book on the history of British school uniform.  Hold onto your hats, this one is a good'n.  

Gladstone's Land's selling point as a National Trust property is its famous Renaissance painted ceilings.  We are lucky to have some of the best-preserved examples of this uniquely Scottish Renaissance form of decorative art, and we have three of them.  In this episode Thomas and Kate discuss the ceilings (and other things) with Miranda Evans, our in-house conservator, and also talk about the Spanish-language programme with Alicia Sancho.  

"Bought and sold for English gold."  This was how contemporaries described the influence of the colossal debt resulting from the Darien Disaster on Scotland's decision to enter into union with England.  In this episode, Kate and Thomas are joined by Gladstone's Land's resident maritime historian, Dr Brenna Spray, as they discuss Scotland's ill-fated attempt to found a New World trading empire.

Edinburgh is famously a city of two towns: the Old Town and New Town, but also the respectable, genteel overworld and the dark, grimy underworld.  In this episode, Kate and Thomas are joined by experienced Edinburgh walking tour guide Martin Webster as they discuss some of the infamous residents of Edinburgh's Old Town who helped build the city's gruesome reputation.  

Scotland was the last country in Europe to successfully stage a Reformation, and much of that Reformation took place in and around Edinburgh. Tune into this episode of the Gladstone's Land Podcast to join Kate, Thomas and their guest Nicole Ridgley as they discuss Edinburgh's place in the Scottish Reformation and examine the life and importance of that best-known heroine (or villain?) of the Scottish Reformation, Mary Queen of Scots.  

Edinburgh gets one of its nicknames--Auld Reekie--from the fact that its citizens famously threw the contents of their chamber pots out the windows into the streets, to slide down the hill and create a great stink.  In this episode, Kate and Thomas speak to Gladstone's Land tour guide David Hamill about the "waste" problem and other interesting factors of life in Edinburgh's Old Town.  

Thomas and Kate find out all that goes on in a single exciting day at the National Trust for Scotland's Gladstone's Land, following the progress of Holly Black, one of the Trust's members of staff.  Kate sands some floorboards and Thomas enjoys a lovely sea view.

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