The Kirk was at the centre of life in 17th-century Edinburgh (and it was at the centre of the High Street too!)  The newly reformed Church of Scotland effected the lives of rich and poor, and the politics of the Kirk was a matter of great importance and interest.  The Protestant faith opened a divide between the Scottish people and their kings, and Scots were willing to oppose their king to protect what they saw as true Christian principles.  The 1600s were a time a great upheaval in Scotland, largely as a result of religion. 

In this episode, join Kate and Thomas as they explore the career of the Reverend William Struthers, the first dean of St Giles' Cathedral, who lived at Gladstone's land in the 1630s.  We also speak to Robin McCaig, the Thistle Chapel Assistant at St Giles' Cathedral, about the 1637 Prayerbook Crisis, when the congregation of St Giles started a riot and kicked off the Civil War.  

William Struthers was also involved in a famous witch trial, so we talk a little about witchcraft too.  Enjoy!

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