The Last One

Join Thomas, Kate and Anna for the last episode of the first series of the Gladstone's Land Podcast, as they look back over the previous episodes, look to the next series, and test their knowledge about Edinburgh's history in a quiz! 

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We also talk about the books that helped us to develop this podcast.  Here is an extended book-list:

Histories of Edinburgh:

Michael Fry, Edinburgh, A History of the City (2009)
Hugh Douglas, Edinburgh (1969)
George Scott-Moncrieff, Edinburgh (1947)
General Histories of Scotland:
Neil Oliver, A History of Scotland (2010)
Michael Lynch, Scotland: a New History (1991)
Rosemary Goring (ed), Scotland: the Autobiography (2014)
Early-Modern/Renaissance/17th Century Scotland:
Jenny Wormald, Court, Kirk and Community (1981)
Rosalind Mitchison, Lordship to Patronage (1983)
Mark Kishlansky, A Monarchy Transformed (1996)
Mary Queen of Scots and James VI & I:
Jenny Wormald, Mary, Queen of Scots (1988)
Antonia Fraser, Mary, Queen of Scots (1969)

Pauline Croft, King James (2002)

John Matusiak, James I: Scotland's King of England (2015)
Scottish Church History:
Gordon Donaldson, Scotland: Church and Nation through 16 Centuries (1960)
Gordon Donaldson, The Faith of the Scots (1990)
Douglas Watt, The Price of Scotland (2007)
Jacqueline Riding, Jacobites: A new history of the '45 rebellion (2016)
Tom Divine, The Scottish Clearances (2018)
John & Noreen Hamilton, Scottish History Strange But True (2018)
And of course,
Kate Stephenson, Gymslips, Gender and Gentry (2020)
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